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  1. The main driving force for the changes was purely economics, a need to produce more at a lower cost.
  2. Some commercial production have the production year in the serial numbers.
  3. No thought was given to whether it was the wrong production class.
  4. Main spring guide and locking cap.
Chinese SKS Type 56 ID FAQ
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The biggest savings in cost came when they went from threaded barrel to a pinned barrel. What about all the other triangle, rectangle, diamond, and oval arsenals, where do they fit in the grand scheme of things? And when at the range, dinner hookup I recommend you load only two rounds in mag for the first two shot. When was the no date stamped Tula receiver cover gun manufactured? The answer is that there are many lower output factories that also produced rifles in this time period.

The writing was on the wall for this nearly year old factory. Changes made in other years. As the war in Vietnam began to escalate.

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Norinco SKS Production

Dating a Chinese SKS

Dating The Chinese SKS

Click on mailbox to email me. The oldest factory was Jianshe and it was built in during the Imperial Dynasty in the city of Chongqing. Obviously, the stock had to be changed to accommodate for the longer bayo. Can you carry any of this to other Arsenals? From front to the back of the rifle.

Yooper John s SKS - Battle rifle of many nations

They do not actually manufacture them, they contract them out to factories that jointly develop other firearms with them. The only purpose of this page is to help make the collector aware that differences do occur and about anything could be possible. Polytech is the other exporter. If any of the photos in this post are yours and you explicitly do not want them shown, please contact me at sks-files. Note the small star rearward of the serial number.


Made from the Catalpa tree. Some Albanian guns have no year reference numbers on them. Faced with an over supply in a saturated North American market, several new variants were created and marketed. Enter Your Email for a Chance! So, is this a military weapon or not?

Proof for this dating scheme is severely lacking. We don't know of an accurate way of dating these other than using features. It explains why they are quickly becoming collectible classics. This led me to believe the Russian Advisors didn't stay in China for very long.

The following information was found on surplusrifle. For the most part it is easy to tell where and when the gun in question was made because of the markings and our knowledge of the Russian small weapons. To offset this weight gain, dating site like zorpia they reduced the length of the barrel lug.

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  • On a few rare occasions an unrecognizable symbol was observed in place of the alfa letter.
  • No skilled machinist was needed.
  • These carbines do not have near as many Russian approval and process stamps on components indicating less hand holding by the Soviets.
  • With a pinned barrel there was no need to have a barrel lug therefore the barrel blank was alot smaller in diameter and thus cheaper.
  • You only need to type in the make, model, and serial number.

When using commercial ammo because they have softer primer than the surplus ammo, you're more likely to experience slamfire so I recommend installing a spring firing pin, dating requirements its available from sksman. This would mean that they are all guns. This may be temporarily off line.

The later version of the carrier eliminates the need to mill out that groove, saving time and money. The other was for civilian purchase. Should you have information that is different or relevant to this report, then please post it. Some are from members of this and other forums and some are from various gun auction sites.

Perhaps the most difficult to accurately figure out the correct year as it is not stamped anywhere on the weapon. This site uses functional cookies and external scripts to improve your experience. The absent of date of production.

Chinese SKS Rifle Guide/ Information/ Models/ Survey

Most of the examples seen in the U. However they had much better success with the following changes. Writing this sticky was a daunting task because the amount of information was overwhelming. You may change your settings at any time. China was the leading provider of small arms to North Vietnam and the war had a big impact on her production.

Dating a Chinese SKS

How to Find the Manufacture Date of An SKS by Serial Number

This also can give additional meaning to the Chinese ideograph markings seen on the built carbines as they were now fully Chinese built. These guns distributed by Chinese factories are old. After the weapon producing factories were bombed most of the weapons were supplied by the Chinese. In my opinion, I agree with some of the new dating scheme but I'm not in total agreement with it.

Several were imported for a short time into the U. They experimented making the receiver out of stamp sheet metal. This gun would be a vintage which again by the characteristics of the gun would be very, very unlikely. Most came with a shortened barrel. There is alot more information yet to be gathered.

Finding Your Norinco SKS Production Date

Chinese SKS Type 56 ID FAQ update Apr 1

Finding Your Norinco SKS Production Date

The majority of these factories were small and they were scattered throughout the country to aid the local economies. This may be why we see limited numbers of them in the world market today. Not sure on how to tell the year of these weapons as no definitive pattern has been observed.

He thinks they are all China junk. You consent to our cookies if you continue to use our website. Only through observation could you tell the difference. This is the chart found on Survivor's forum by withergyld and printed here with his permission. So, when were they actually produced?

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